Dori Wilson was an authentic trailblazer, pioneer and entrepreneur. Dori’s public relations firm was widely respected nationwide and served a broad cross section of iconic businesses and community minded organizations. She raised the bar among those serving public good. As a business owner, she brought boundless energy, wicked humor, friendship and a deep knowledge of her craft as exemplified by her many awards and recognitions.  She was a vocal advocate of Chicago. Our City has lost a real legend and civic champion.

Public Relations today has evolved into an art form.
With so many media options, it’s critical to work with a seasoned expert who has innovative, contemporary ideas.
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We are a M/W/DBE-certified public relations group based out of Chicago. Our lead public relations officer Dori Wilson's signature stand is to create a memorable image and leave a lasting impact.

Tennis guru Vic Braden harps on the necessity of having a few shots that you “own” if you really wish to win the tough matches ... consistently. These shots he defines as “those you absolutely know you can deliver.” Dori Wilson Public Relations (DWPR) is recognized for delivering a few shots: Dori’s own personal contacts; her unique training and experience; her work with diverse communities; her well-established fashion background; and of course her boundless energy, sense of style, unique panache, artistic curiosity, creative imagination, and fresh ideas. These are the shots that deliver solid results.

Dori Wilson Public Relations.
A firm that gets the job done.

Each year, Dori Wilson Public Relations, via its special Not-for-Profit Program, selects a few financially-strapped NFPs in need of creative assistance, and works alongside the organization for a significantly reduced price.

If you think your organization could benefit from this program, please contact us at and let us know a bit about your organization and your needs.


Myra Reilly

Service Club of Chicago

Dori, My heartfelt thanks for your professionalism and dedication. Thank you for your incredible work to heighten awareness of The Service Club of Chicago. We had been around for 100 years and doing great work, but we were relatively unknown until your public relations efforts put us on the map. Your assistance  never ends…  we all appreciate everything you do - you never disappoint! You and your team are awesome - nobody does it better

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With decades of experience in public relations, Dori Wilson & Associates achieves results with a winning combination of creativity, service, and the ability to get the job done.

With more excitement & brighter ideas.
With new daring style, boldness & imagination.

For those who want significant rewards for their money and efforts, the something more they seek is a professional with a power roster of experience and achievements. A woman uniquely qualified to handle the demands of the new millennium. A communications specialist adept at surrounding herself with associates selected for their specialized skills and capabilities. Talk to Dori!